About Us

Octopus ICT Solutions Ltd was established and registered as a limited liability company under Cap 486, Laws of Kenya in 2005 to carry out work in the field of ICT. In 2007, it was licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) as an ASP. OIS is a leading Digital Content Services company, providing content enrichment and transformation services to corporations, publishers and educational institutions. Our company also provides bespoke workplace learning and development services for corporations worldwide.

In essence, OIS has been offering services to clients in the realm of ICT for over ten (10) years. Its operation has been in the East and Central African region but it is poised to expand operations to the rest of the African continent and beyond.

Principally, at OIS, we specialize in providing product driven consultancy services in ICT. We develop and implement platform independent technical solutions based on Open Source Software and Open Standard Driven Technologies to address the business needs of our clients. Our solutions ensure that our clients retain their competitive edge, cut down on costs and improve their efficiency and profitability.

Our consultancy services include the development, installation and implementation of Web based solutions which encompass Website Design, Development and Hosting, e-Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-Learning content generation and development for learning institutions (Schools and Universities), Government Agencies and Private Corporations. We develop web based ERP software solutions which give businesses and organizations a competitive edge.

As an e-learning and ICT Solutions company, Octopus has an Online Institute which is registered and accredited in Kenya by the Ministry of Education under TIVETA (Technical, Innovation, Vocational and Training Authority) to offer online training and certification to students mainly in ICT but other fields are also included. The courses offered on this vibrant eLearning platform are of a high quality as they are developed by some of the best minds in the industry. They cover the whole spectrum of instruction from Business Development, IT, Sales, Customer Care and Professional Development among others.

The courses are sold online at a moderate price as the sole aim is to lower the cost of training for our learners so they may be educated, empowered and enabled as they enter an increasingly sophisticated and competitive job market. Our online institute is also recognized and registered by Kenya’s National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as a legitimate provider of training services to Organizations.

Octopus’ e-learning technology combines current advances in educational theory and practice with the latest in web-based and internet technology. Octopus is committed to provide the best in e-learning services and products to the education/training community throughout Kenya with the cost-effective concerns of the customer in mind.

Our Vision: We are dedicated to Educate, Empower and Enable all through the application of new and emerging technologies in ICT.

Our Mission: To help bridge the digital divide by offering our clients convenient and reliable solutions guided by the principle of low-cost, high value service provision through the application of innovative methods and technologies

People: To deliver a complete customer solution by bringing together a potentially experienced team of data analysts and domain experts.

Processes: We monitor each and every process to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
Tools:We optimize productivity through process control and maximize quality.

Knowledge: Development and maintenance of comprehensive information repositories on systems, processes and tools across project process specific training programs to maximize domain expertise resulting in scalability and consistency in quality.

Our Assurance: We ensure that all processes will fit customers’ business needs through continuous assessment, evaluation and improvement. 

Octopus has offered Content Conversion as a service to a host of satisfied clients including government and commercial organizations such as Banks and learning institutions